Often times the major keyboard manufacturers use the same keyboards in different laptop models.

We list the main laptop models in our shop, but if you check: Compatible with.. in the description you will see that many more models are available.

Here is a full list of all the HP keyboard keys at Laptop Keys UK. (This list is regularly updated).

Please click links for details:-

HP Compaq
HP Compaq 540
HP Compaq 550
HP Compaq 6520
HP Compaq 6520S
HP Compaq 6720
HP Compaq 6720S
HP Compaq 6720S (v2)
HP Compaq 6730S
HP Compaq CQ70
HP Compaq Presario
HP Compaq Presario C700
HP Compaq Presario C700T
HP Compaq Presario C7000

HP Compaq Presario C7000T
HP Compaq Presario C727
HP Compaq Presario C729
HP Compaq Presario C730
HP Compaq Presario C712TU
HP Compaq Presario C742EM
HP Compaq Presario V6000

HP Notebook
HP Notebook 530


HP Pro
HP Pro X2 612

HP Elitebook
HP Elitebook 8150P
HP Elitebook 8150W

HP Pavilion UK Keys
HP Pavilion DV6000
HP Pavilion DV6000 (v2)
HP Pavilion DV9000
HP Pavilion DV9500
HP Pavilion DV9700
HP Pavilion F500
HP Pavilion F520
HP Pavilion F700
HP Pavilion G4-1000
HP Pavilion G6-2000
HP Pavilion G6000

HP Pavilion US Keys
HP Pavilion 15-E (US)
HP Pavilion 15-E100 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-G (US)
HP Pavilion 15-G100 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-N (US)
HP Pavilion 15-N100 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-N200 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-N300 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-R (US)
HP Pavilion 15-R100 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-R200 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-S (US)
HP Pavilion 15-S100 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-S200 (US)
HP Pavilion 15-T (US)
HP Pavilion 15-Z (US)

*Please check for the exact model of your keyboard, as they make look the same at first glance but use a different hinge underneath and won't fit.*

Laptop Keys UK

We sell mainly UK keyboard keys and constantly add more keys to our range. Free UK delivery is available on all UK purchases and a 3 month no quibble warranty on all items.

All keys are cleaned before dispatch and will come with the key cap, clip mechanism and rubber cup. We only offer keys that are in pristine condition. Our prices are very competitive and we send out all orders by 3pm on the day of order, after that it will be the following day.

Our reputation is solid and our customer service is always a priority. I hope you find what you are looking for at Laptop Keys UK. 

HP Keyboard Keys

HP Compaq 6710B Keys

Part No. 444635-031


HP Compaq 6720S Keys

Part No. 6037B0023103


HP Compaq 6720S Keys V2

Part No. 6037B0023103 NSK-H5Q0U


HP Compaq 6730S Keys

Part No. V061126BK1 UK Model No. 490267-031


HP Compaq G62 Keys

Part No. AEAX6E00310 Model No. AX6


HP Compaq G72 Keys

Part No. 615850-031


HP Compaq Presario C700 Keys

Part No. PK1302E01P0 V071802AK1 454954-031


HP Compaq Presario CQ70 Keys

Part No. 485424-031 Model No. NSK-H8A0U


HP Compaq Presario V6000 Keys

Part No. AEAT6TPE119


HP EliteBook 8510P Keys

Part No. 451020-031


HP Notebook 530 Keys

Part No. PK1301J0350


HP Pavilion 15-E (US) Keys

Part No. 2B-06901Q110

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